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Personalised coaching, training and HR consultancy for workplaces and individuals

We are proud of our 100% success record in providing coaching support to clients. As many of our coaching partnerships are confidential, we totally respect client confidentiality and have listed below only a small selection of feedback from clients who are keen to encourage others to sign up and enjoy the many benefits of personal coaching:

"Coaching with TMP helped me to approach a major change in my life with a more objective and positive attitude than I would otherwise have had and ensured I put some concrete actions in place to move forward.  I would recommend TMP to anyone, especially if they are going through a major change, as it helps you look at different approaches to find your way.  Tania has some good techniques to do this and a natural coaching ability."

Senior Manager
Akzo Nobel, Felling



"Everything has changed in my life - from my marriage, family life, friends, close family and my new job - all through coaching.  I have evaluated what was important in my life and, with Tania's support, feel empowered and strong as a result.  All I can say is that I now have an amazing job with people of the same beliefs as me - this was all down to my inspiration, TANIA!  You saved me and I feel so grateful - you are inspirational."

Julie Hart
UK Independent Medical Services Ltd
Rainton Gate Business Park


"Coaching has been a very valuable experience to help me work more effectively and with less stress. I would strongly recommend coaching for individuals who have difficulty switching off from work which, long-term, would be harmful and affect their performance."

Lucinda Richardson
Wheelbirks Farm
Corbridge, Northumberland


"Many thanks for arranging for Tania to work with me. She really is an absolute superb professional who has helped me enormously lately and is an absolute credit to the Access to Work Scheme."

Neil Salkeld
Morpeth Road Primary School
Blyth, Northumberland


"In such a short period, Tania enabled me to develop my assertiveness and confidence and helped me focus my energy on moving forward on what is important in my career and life."

Rob Gardner
Akzo Nobel Ltd
Felling, Gateshead


"We have only worked together for three months but I have learned and achieved more in that time than in my entire life. Many many thanks."

Sue T.
North Tyneside


"These powerful coaching sessions have helped our employees unwrap their creativity and make immediate and powerful changes to their work and personal lives. It has been a joy for us to witness and I would recommend TMP Coaching to any company."

Angela Johnson
Occupation Health Nurse Manager
International Paint Ltd, Gateshead


“I started working with Tania after a period of great stress and sadness, when I was at a very low ebb. Tania’s natural warmth, empathy and kindness enabled me, gradually, to open up and talk honestly about myself and my concerns and her insights were astounding. I have gained hugely in self-awareness and self-confidence as a result of working with her and it has helped me significantly in clarifying my values, strengths and goals. I am much more content as a result of coaching, see the world more positively and find it easier to avoid unnecessary stress, conflicts, obligations or attitudes now - things that would have previously weighed me down.”

JD, Marketing Consultant


"I worked with Tania promoting health and wellbeing in a large number of businesses in the private, public and third sector. Tania’s professionalism matched her dedication and enthusiasm in supporting employers and employees to achieve truly outstanding results. Her commitment to all the projects she works on always results in targets being met and in most cases exceeded."

Tom Ross
Workplace Health Lead, TUC


"My experience of coaching was very beneficial and in a relatively short space of time I was enabled to make changes and start living the life I want."

Services Manager


"I have found Tania a wonderful coach and support over several periods of time. Always warm, but challenging you to stretch yourself and seek for more and better all the time. She has been a delight to have on my side through a long and sometimes twisted journey!"

Miriam Harte
AKUP Ltd., Gateshead


"Tania has a relaxed but focused way about her that allows scope to explore and deal with the challenges at hand. Tania comes across as genuinely interested in finding practical solutions for the long term."

Senior Manager
International Paint Ltd, Gateshead


"A very positive experience. TMP Coaching delivered a well-structured coaching programme that helped me identify and complete key goals to move things forward in my career and life."

Technical Manager
International Paint Ltd, Gateshead


"Tania, thank you so much! I was so inspired by your presentation that I have been looking into becoming a Life Coach myself!"

JL, Darlington


"Coaching helped me understand how I was feeling but also helped me realise what was important and what the key steps were to take action.  Coaching helped to break things down into achievable goals and, as the song says:

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind,
It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun-shiny day”.

Tony Raynor
Principal Researcher
Proctor & Gamble, Newcastle Innovation Centre


"TMP Coaching helped me to focus on the positives in the present and establish a goal in the future and a path towards achieving that goal"

Chris Judson


January 2012 : comments from TUC delegates attending TMP Coaching’s “Coping with and preventing stress” workshop

"Great course – too short!  Will take into the workplace and use"
"Really enjoyed course – got a lot of ideas to help myself and staff – thank you x"
"Expectation of how to deal with stress in others – realisation that I need to deal with it myself first before helping others"
"This helped me focus on what was good and what I needed to change about my life – thank you"
"Better than expected!  From a surprising start to a really constructive finish!"
"Really motivational – both reminding me of things I knew and conveniently pushed away and learning new things.  I am energised to make some changes and build on the good bits of my life"
"Useful, thought-provoking"
"Learned some good stress tools"
"Useful!  Good resources"
"Excellent course"
"Made me feel positive about my future and what I want to achieve x"
"Very informative – good personal reflection"
"Awareness around health and wellbeing and links to health & safety"
"Very good and thought-provoking"
"Good short and sharp session"
"Tools I can use and adapt"
"Handouts were good and useful tips and hints"
"Opportunity to think and reflect about causes of stress and how to prevent/try and cope with them"

"I found this course to be very informative whilst being enjoyable and realistic. Everything Tania talked about meant something to me on a personal level. I will definitely be able to use the techniques and am looking forward to completing my own Life Plan. I would like to say a very big thank you to Tania"


May 2012 : comments from HMRC Stockton employees attending a Stress Prevention workshop

I received very positive feedback from several members of staff who attended your workshop as listed below:

  • It was fantastic. I thought the tips were really helpful and could have listened to her all afternoon

  • I found it very interesting and would like more information about the symptoms, what to look out for and how to help

  • Great - loved the visuals - made me take stock

  • I told all my colleagues how brilliant the workshop was - they all said they wished they had come too. They asked if I could invite you back next year

Carol Robinson
HMRC Stockton